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My daddy has been away for 8 days. I miss him. I hear a sound outside and I think that it is him... but it's not. Mommy tells me that daddy will be here in 1 more sleep... but I am not convinced.

Hopefully mommy will take me with her to the train station to fetch daddy tomorrow.

Maybe if I had a boyfriend I wouldn't miss my mommy or daddy so much when they go away...

Just sayin'.

Current Location: sofa city, avec mommy
Current Mood: groggy groggy
Current Music: my snores

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Half of January is gone. I am sleeping my wee little life away!
I miss my cousin Monty. I wish he lived closer. I wish he would visit me. I wish he still had his gnads, too.
Mommy's birthday - aka Ground Hog Day, aka Hromnice - is in a couple weeks. She's gonna be waaaaay old in dog years.
My grandmama is coming from France in April to visit me.
I will likely be in boarding school for part of my grandmama's visit because I [apparently] cannot go to Montreal, or Quebec City. We shall see... victory shall be mine!
My daddy turns 33 the day after my grandmama returns to France...
I turn 2... 9 days later.
Monty turns 1 in June. I hope I will get to go to his birthday party.
I kinda miss my unkey Dave, aka true_nexus. So, I will just sit here and chew on this Kong that he gave me... and lull myself back to sleep.
I need to go upload some LJ icons so people can see who they are scrolling by...
If you wanna see mo' of me... go to my mommy's flickr set for me here!

Ok, I gotstah go now. Miss me, k? Buh bye.

<3 stellabellablue

P.S. Typing is hard on the paws!

Current Location: sofa city - 1 plus mommy
Current Mood: bouncy bouncy
Current Music: mommy sipping her peppermint tea

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I just come back from the doctor. He said that I had wonderful teeth and that I was in very good health. I prefer this doctor to the previous "bad man". He gave me my booster shots I almost didn't feel anything. And his treats are yummy.

w00f. I'm good for 12,000 w00f w00f.
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Coffee is yummy. But my mummy doesn't like when I sip from her cup...
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I'm 7 months today.

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Today I am 6 months old.

Current Mood: sleepy sleepy

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